Not sure where it hit but it did. little or no recoil, I think you'll find this product to be a very, very reliable piece in your collection, after all it is a Benjamin....Enjoy I can hit a bottle at 100 yards every time. I do not have a chrono to give you FPS. Just shoot the first ten or so pellets into a tightly rolled up old bath towel with the muzzle pushed into it. Step 2 Tighten all screws with a screwdriver, the two stock screws, the trigger, and butt plate. Another pellet that actually opens is the Crosman Destroyer, it's not nearly as good but they're very cheap. Do you have to buy nitrogen cylinder for this air rifle? Most of 50+ years experience are with Bows. When I hunt I usually carry the Crow in one pocket, and something else like the 8.4gr JSB in another. The higher FPS for the Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 . Mike. Are u happy with the .25 or would u rather have gone with the .22? SALMAN, Salman, Do you mean .22 caliber? I am left handed and left eyed.. would this fit me? Or should I take it back and give him a box of rat poison? The nitro piston replaces the conventional metal coil spring with a nitrogen filled gas chamber. trial and error, i use a heavy grain, 11.57, and Beenman Silver Arrow. Would you recommend it? Recommend Crosman Premier ultra mags domed. Some Benjamin products are others are not. Its best for short distances. “The more you shoot the quieter this rifle gets and the better you shoot.” It is a great gun for hunting, and long range shooting, but the .22 would be better IMO, the .22 pellet retains more energy and knocks down stuff harder......177 kinda just does a pass through. Darryl. Just think, no air to buy and no need to use a pump. I use Crosman premier hollow points. Lolita Moda - Tu tienda para comprar ropa de marca online. I see where some guys suggest "shooting" the barrel clean of all that debris. Recommended for you. Look up "dry fire" and the damage it causes. Log in to participate. first shots are always way louder now mine sounds so quiet i can shoot a squirrel in my neighbors tree and get before they even notice anything had happened. Range is all about pellet choice and if you can hit the target, but this gun has about as much range as you're going to get without spending big bucks on a pre-charged style gun that uses a scuba tank for power. No it does not. Also disappointed about paying for next day air and waiting 4 days to get it. Pyramid shouldn;t even be selling these until Benjamin can get it's head out and make sure there are no bad ones on the shelves. This is not for practice, only to break in the rifle. You can probably use the rings that come with your gun. No where near PCP accuracy. Check the schematics to identify the right part.. Airgun Manuals… ProsThis baby its powerful, the shrouded broke and now the barrel is shorter and noisy, but powerful and accurate! Their cust service just says to exchange it. Do not try and use scopes made for center fire guns. I gave the gun a good cleaning and put blue loctite on all the scope screws after about 50 shots and the gun is holding a perfect pattern(about a 1/4 ") right now. It is fun to shoot. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. The gun is better in 22 which is why I mentioned it, and you can buy a 22 barrel for ~$16 from Crosman. Find one type of pellet that fits your needs and site your gun in using it and consistency will follow. by a minimum 1-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase unless otherwise noted on the product page. My everyday pellets are the Beeman Crow -Magnums, around .26 grams. Gamo Swarm Maxxim Air Rifle 3. Use this valid 50% off Amazon promo code to save on your Prime order. On a noise level, 1 being the quietest and 10 being the loudest, it ranks about a 5. After that it was a nice gun shooting sub MOA at 80yrds. for example I use them in my Tempest pistol which doesn't have the power to open a Crow Mag, but in a gun like this XL the Crows open just fine and do max possible damage for a .177. I'm tempted to put it in a Ransomes rest, but this is not a competition rifle, it's intended to be a plinker. I know I can shim the scope but if the adjustment doesn't move the impact at all what's the point? The speed of sound depends on humidity, temperature and altitude. Is it possible to get this air rifle without the thumb hole stock? The scope is fine, the range is 1-100yds, depending on what you're shooting. I will need to take shots 50-100 yards out from bird. I have put a couple of hundred rounds through it and no problems with the scope. I like this air gun, realistic and accurate. Nitro is cool but there are drawbacks, and one of those is failure. So I took it to a nearby field and set in the scope. #1 GRTlll tiger was the first thing I installed in all 3 of my Benjamin rifles. Do the scope rails still fall off when shooting? or an orange flash hider to avoid the guns being mistaken for firearms. It'll shoot a generic 14.3gr pellet at maybe 850 to 900, but more when tuned. I bought a used Bee Man R1 from a customer who while trying to run Deer out of his garden killed one, it was .177. Yes it does have a suppressor, you can tell by the fat barrel. Spending 300 bucks for a BB gun seems outlandish to me since you are uining the gun. You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in our store. I don't want to throw good money down the tubes but since there are no iron sites... ProsLooks good, and strong impact on target. Single shot, break barrel, and it packs a punch! Certain restrictions apply. Use only the mineral oil cleaners. This is a magnum so it will only make things worse. Too many variables, the main question being what do you consider accurate? Maybe you should get him the regular Benji Trail, they are not as powerful, as a result, not as loud. So before deciding which one is best you … currently im using crosman premier ultra mags domed. Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 or the 1500? The XL features a handsome, checkered, hardwood stock. I used a proper pull type scale, not a bathroom scale. Just ordered one myself. The rifle is built solid and sturdy, just how I liked it. This is a serious air rifle and it carries serious weight. So I called Benjamin customer service and asked about it, and yes they talked about a "bad batch" but claimed it had been resolved. To start: you will need to purchase a quality alloy pellet and adjust the scope for this lower grain pellet. No license or registration is required, but they're outlawed in a few cities. Think the NFL. We put out a Home Depot bucket, filled it with water, and at 50 feet put a round-nose pellet through both sides (1 shot). Stay consistent with your pellet type and weight and you will stay consistent on your targets. They work amazing with the kick of this gun also use 1 inch high utg leapers mounts work better then a solid mount. A 95 is only a little more $ and will be far more accurate. Maybe a Weihrauch 95 or 80 in 177? Anything less than that's pretty useless for varmint and small game as far as I'm concerned. Step#3 Break it in shooting cheap daisy pellets into the dirt or a whatever. A little time,effort and money and this thing will realy be at the top of its game, at a fraction of what high priced guns cost. That will be the two side screws on the stock and the two in the trigger well. Our customer service team can help determine the best course of action and provide you Step 1 this rifle out of the box should be cleaned of excess grease and oil, run a bore brush through the barrel too. The steel BBs will cause the rifling to deteriorate. charles o'rear, ocak 1996'da, napa vadisi boyunca sevgilisine gitmek için yol almaktadır. effective reage, I have the trail NP and with a hawk 3x9x50 AO I take squirrel and pidgeons at 30-50 yds no problem shooting crossman hollowpoints gun is quiet powerful and at 35 yds can get a 10 shot group inside 1 1/2 " spread which is lethal for rodents. あしたも、読む理由がある。新聞科学研究所。それは、「新聞を読んでいることが、いかに人生において、メリットとなるか」を調査して、説得力のある数値を発表する組織。 Max effective range is like 100yds for a sagerat. The ONLY scope I found holding up to heavy reverse recoil was the old Redfield-- I shot maybe 20 a day over a 4 year period (killing time and starlings) And I went thru maybe 10 scops whose cross hairs started wandering before I accidentally found an old redfield and it totally solved my problems. ConsTrigger could use work but watch you tube Kevin kormandy has amazing videos on this gun !other wise I wouldn't change a thing !! Hatsan said it was a bad Vortex piston seal and they replaced the bad seal and the gun is a beast and accurate as well but more recoil than the HEX SE. Head shots will kill them. Fyi..... Good luck on it! Weekends and holiday shipping times will vary. After examination and mounting the scope on, all the thoughts of regrets and speculations had disappeared. Opened it? It would probably be easier to thread a plain barrel to fit your silencer. That would be equivalent to 1171 feet per second. I have it in .22 and it is great for long range and delivers a heck of a wallop upon impact. Allow me to address any question or concern. The trigger is often the weakest link in many guns. For .22 the JSB 18.13gr. Do I have to refill a nitrogen chamber? Any body know that, this air gun shot Deer? It was smoother and quieter than the traditional spring piston. The gun itself is about 48" long. due to fluctuations in wood densities), No spring fatigue, even if you leave it cocked for hours. You will feel good about it. Nice looking and shooting gun. I will need to import it trough the custom and they asking me what's is the intial velocity and the initial energy (joules)of the projectile? Once the barrel is broken the cocking effort is very smooth and I've had no problems cocking this rifle. Or do i need to use only .177 for this gun? The bore is usually filthy, so yes, clean it. A pellet acts like a cork allowing pressure to build inside, if that pressure doesn't build then it gun pounds itself and the scope will be the first to go. If you have a warranty then check the cocking effort and/or velocity to be sure it's still full strength before it expires. What ever I shot it never failed. If not, how old is the gun? How close or far away can you be to get a clean shot? It had penetration, accuracy, and speed combined. 22 cal guns typically shoot 30 ft lbs -41 joules. that might have come with your air gun and receive a full product refund within 60 days of purchase I have been extremely happy with this purchase. I am very interested in the nitro piston vs the spring piston but do you know about the life span of the nitro piston? First of all the .25 is a mans rifle its a beast! They sent the exact same model back as a replacement so I figured it was time to upgrade. Message Frequency Varies, Text HELP for Help, STOP to Opt-Out. The nitro spring does more to reduce noise that the suppressor does, but nice to have both. Drastic changes to elevation produce little or no change in impact at 40 yards - everything is 12" high. I took that scope off and put a leapers 4×16 ×44 swat. I have not been able to experiment with the rifle to get a feel for it, as my son quickly gets on the rifle each time we set up targets. The rings that came on this scope will work.....but the size you need if you want two pairs of rings, are high profile weaver mounts/rings. DBM Sec. You'll need the barrel, a link pin, and new breech seal which are about $18 all together. U.S. federal law requires that all airsoft guns are sold with a 1/4-inch blaze orange muzzle Please let us know if you have any further questions. I can personally tell you that it is definitely a quieter air rifle. I can't imagine it doing much damage but experts say it will ruin the gun if for example you used WD-40 all the time. Thanks, If you read my first review it is all in there and still holds true at this time. I would appreciate comments on the Benjamin Trail NP XL1100 .22 Cal. I love this gun! We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. I have owned this gun approximately 3 years, but quit shooting it 2 years ago. The largest thing I would shoot with this is a raccoon (and only if you make the shot count, otherwise you'd better have a backup powder burner handy for when it comes to chow on your leg, if you throw the shot slightly.). I want to put a 4-16x50 scope on mine when i get it.The larger objective lense means i'll have to change to higher rings.What receiver rail size will I need?And type of mount? You are allowed to purchase wherever you would like. Oddly this gun seems to shoot better off-hand that from a rest. If you just want a plinker that is only so so in accuracy and power and do not what to put some time into it, then I would suggest a lower priced air rifle. Took center point off ordered scope from air gun depot 3x9x40 haven't had any trouble out of new scope and is very accurate. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. in this period this rifle is burning off excess oil and grease and seating in all its components. It is worth the money if you’re interested in moving up in shooting ability. Piston seal Fits Walther Falcon Hunter, Walther Talon Magnum and Hatsan 125 and Benjamin Trail NP XL For professional installation only. Does anyone know what the magic Pellet is for the XL1100? Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Yes, the barrel is available from Crosman direct for ~$16US. The only way you can have iron/fiber-optic sights, is to ship it to Crosman, buy and have them install the sights from a similar gun. Most are slightly smaller so they effectively rattle down the barrel wearing down the rifling as they go. revisiting my past statement…I’m getting nickel groups consistently at 50 feet in a sitting position. The XL isn't much louder then the Trail you have, but in 177 ti can go super sonic and make a very loud crack as Mike mentioned. I really need some time with it, and I have some heavy pellets on order (some H&N Barracuda Hunter Extreme19.09 grain and Match 21.14 grain). It dosen't move and the gas piston reduces recoil. The gun weighs the same in all three available calibers (0.177/0.22/0.25); about 8.5 pounds with the scope. Gas Piston Air Rifle List: 1. your accuracy and energy delivered on target will increase will a better and heavier pellet. Thank you for you interest. You can also order a different stock, for example the Stoeger X50 should be a perfect fit, but I can't remember if the X50 has the slot for the cocking linkage. It's literally about 1/3rd as loud as a regular airgun. Zeroed great but after two weeks it got windage stuck to the far left. Find best-selling books, new releases, and classics in every category, from Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird to the latest by Stephen King or the next installment in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid children’s book series. I've seen 1/2 " groups at 20 - 25 yards from his targets. The best way to find out if we can ship to a certain country is to attempt to place the order. Spare part for select Walther and Hatsan spring-piston air rifles. This Trail NP XL rifle features an ambidextrous hardwood thumbhole stock. I do a lot of pistol/rifle/shotgun competitive shooting sports but chose this gun because of the reduction in noise. You will need to remove the stock to access this screw. I'd go a step further and suggest the JSB 13.43gr in 177. The Airgun Depot Customer Care Team. Also I have never felt it kick. Use blue Loctite. .177, or .22 or .26? I have a gamo rifle and it will not shoot the pba ammo with any kind of pattern. pull in order to cock this rifle. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Online Accessisbility | I set up oranges at 10, 20, and 30 yards. I'm using Crossman Premier .22 pellets. I have no regrets whatsoever since the purchase. Use the recommended chamber oil for it, it's the least likely to ignite or will only do so one or two shots. My zip code is 00738 Don’t call crosman. I bought the Centerpoint 4-16X40 scope with red/green illumination - open box and am very happy with this scope on this gun.I put the scope that came with my Benjamin Trail onto my Stoeger X10. It Definitely a problem, You want to know the real reason I canceled my order Benjamin 725/ 25 cal nitro Piston!!!! So the .25 cal will just be even louder. Login to ask someone who bought this product. This gun is a Medium to Loud on the Decibel scale, I shoot starlings out to 80+ yds all the time during the summer....If you do your part. Terms of Use. I cleaned it very well. CO2 not required, it has a nitro piston (like the piston that holds your hood or rear door in your car). Try the stock one first is the only way to appreciate the difference. Our experts also offer exclusive 10-for-$10 Test and 20-for-$20 Service, You can write me at chevota at hotmail if you have questions. It is worth the money if you’re interested in moving up in shooting ability. the , . Or JSB exact monsters 13.4 grain. View Shipping Info, We work hard to get all orders placed by 12 pm EST out the door within 24 hours on weekdays I don't think the scope you are thinking about installing will require new rings. I also use the Primos bipod to steady my aim which makes a big difference in accuracy. But after reading articles and reviews, I decided to go ahead and purchase it. It takes about a 35-40 lb. Can you kill small animals with it? Do I need a co2 cartridge for this gun?Does it have inside air pumps? for orders under 10 pounds, between $120 - $149 and with a shipping address Assuming the barrel OD is not larger which I doubt. But then again XL1100 packs a powerful punch! Yes, we are able to ship to South Africa, however, there are restrictions on certain air guns/ air rifles. Unfortunately so did the recurring reviews about the scope rail coming off. All other designated trademarks, copyrights, and brands are the property of their respective owners. I live in Argentina. yes. I received this gun for christmas I am having trouble setting the scope I get it set up close like 20 yrds then at like 50 yrds it hits high then left then right is the scope cross hairs moving when its fire or does the barrel need seeeding thanks Mike. Not crazy about the accuracy, can hit a milk jug at 100 yards 8 out of 10 times. accurate enough for most. how do i replace the piston ? It is difficult to master the right hold on this gun (you will have to experiment with it). s. What is a good or decent scope for this airgun.makers or brand name will help. I bought this gun - Benjamin Trail NP XL1500 Air Rifle With Scope .177 cal I have been breaking my gun in at about 20 yds. 150-500 pellets. So just picture the Trail you have but ~2lbs heavier, longer, ~10lbs harder to cock, and ~40% more power. I have no regrets with this gun. Words - Free ebook download as Text File (.txt), PDF File (.pdf) or read book online for free. Sincerely, Do you know where I could get the smooth bore model? Head shot, yes. They'll last for life if you don't abuse it, like let it rust or neglect its lube needs. Do you delivery in Russia? Well first, it isn't the scope that makes a gun accurate, it is the way you hold the gun, what pellets you use through it, and how you pull the trigger that makes a gun accurate. Step 2 Tighten all screws with a screwdriver, the two stock screws, the trigger, and butt plate. I'm interested in buying this xl 1500 in either .177 or .22. those the benjamin trail xl .177 have interchangeble berral to shot .22? Is the first time i will buy in this webpage. Sonny G. Dominguez, DOLE Sec. Hey Joe, So far I am very pleased with this air rifle. Therefore nothing to cause rusting in the bore. A better main seal and some tuning will make more power, better accuracy, and be less abusive to scopes. 80yds for a starling. I kill squirrels with one shot dead on accuracy anywhere from 16 to 30 yards when zeroed in at 23 yards, even though have taken at 40 yards. Elk met hun eigen stijl, voorkeur en soms zelfs met wat exclusieve, interactieve content. Considering the target size and range I'd consider a more accurate gun with less power. Any info would be appreciated. Be assured that with this airgun you have the required power and consistency to reach higher levels of accuracy. I think if you're shooting squirrel this is the wrong gun, maybe the standard Trail or similar gun in 177 or 22 cal would be better. The Hatsan claims to have a recoil-less spring piston rifle in the 25 cal and I am torn between that and some other makers claims .A lifetime warranty on the power supply would ease my skepticism. Benjamin killed it with this one but in my opinion I would change scope /mounts/ trigger spring/ and you have the best hunting break barrel money can buy, A lot of recoil / get strong scope made for MAGNUM SPRINGER I recommend hammers 3x9x40 AO MILDOT pertected adjustments / change spring through stoger or get the GTR trigger make sure to blue loctite every screw that holds stock to rifel they will back out if you don't Beacuse of recoil and power this is by far my favorite air rifel, Got a question or answer? I do wife them down but do not try to clean the bore unless I see a lot of crud. As to how many FPS that you can expect from the Crosman Hollow point pellets, the answer is something less than roughly 1100 fps as anything greater will be supersonic. It's no toy. You will need to remove the stock to access this screw. Alexsandr, Martin M. Andanar, Cong. That will be the two side screws on the stock and the two in the trigger well. 株式会社電通グループのウェブサイトです。会社情報、Group情報、Sustainability情報、IR情報、News、グループのTopicsなどをご覧頂けます。 We don't have any stores, we are only an online company. Connor: Try the Crow Magnum pellets, they're hollow points that actually open up and do what they're supposed to do vs others that are just for looks. Try shooting heavier lead, like 10gr at minimum, but JSB 13.43 are even better. Follow these steps and your new xl1500 will be the pride of your collection. ConsThe mounting bracket completely fell off after about 50 shots, Blue lock tite on stock I used 242 works amazing torched them back down to 50 lbs run 1 pellet cleaner using a brass air gun cleaner but don't get rid of all of the lube also your wanna chat a scope and rings I recommend the hammers 3X9X40 AO MILDOT scope. The scope is holding up very well. Reinaldo, Is this gun accurate and does it kick, does it wreck scopes. Since the barrel is rifled, BB's will probably mar the rifling which would greatly affect the accuracy. O Airgun Depot de Atendimento ao Cliente. Tom. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Overall, the finish and performance of this gun is great. the weight of the item is 9.15lbs. I believe they are considered a medium profile scope ring. Have a great day. They work better in lower powered guns because they open up at lower velocity than the Crow Mag. Here are the benefits of the Crosman Nitro Piston: The owner's manual states that the .25-caliber rifle delivers 950 fps. Entre em contato com o nosso Departamento de Transporte Internacional em [email protected] Eles podem responder a quaisquer perguntas que você possa ter. Sincerely, Mine does 940 at maybe 1000' elevation so maybe 950+ at sea level? Sincerely, 70% Less Noise then the competitor’s “quiet” break barrel, Gas Piston Technology uses Nitrogen as the power source, instead of a steel Spring, Dramatically reduces felt recoil by eliminating the "double hit" and "spring torque" of a steel spring, Quicker lock time leads to increased accuracy, Hardwood Ambidextrous Stock w/Thumbhole Grip, Integral Rail Mounting System – make mounting optics quick and easy. I love the Benjamin Trail NP 1100, but didn't realize 8.8 lbs was so heavy for a woman. I always do that when I get a new gun or anytime I oil the chamber. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: Our e-mails are filled with new products, deals, sneak peeks, tips and tricks, contests and more - sign up today! Does it have a suppressor built in? How is the scope holding up with this rifle? I am very pleased with both NP rifles and have killed many a squirrel with these rifles, but I favor the power of XL1100.. You didn't say what you had as a kid, but most people had a Crosman 760 to similar. I highly recommend this gun. Would this work for hunting raccoons? I am a more than average target shooter and I have several guns. Doesn't hit like a Daystate PCP, but bang for the buck is excellent. Cheap, easy to do, and a very effective upgrade. View Warranty Details, Didn't get what you wanted or have a problem? For questions about international ordering/shipping please email us at [email protected] This so we can better help you. DOG (Da Old Gunner), what about front and back sights for this gun. Rather than look for a stronger scope, consider making the gun less abusive to them. Although the heavier pellets has a slightly more penetration, it tends to drop and slows down more for long range. Like the RWS 34 in .177 or the 350 in .22 are the ones to get (imo). Recommend Crosman Premier ultra mags domed. All Rights Reserved. All my friends that tried it said they loved it and was looking to get one. If you read reviews of this and other nitro spring guns you'll see scope breakage is very common. you know this product Vicks VapoRub Ointment, just a little after putting the pellet just on top of where the pellet goes. que precio tendría con todo y envió a cárdenas tabasco , mexico al código postal 86500? Both the pneumatic spring and the barrel shroud are why it's so quiet. If you are a squirrel, rabbit type of guy, the .22 is great and with the proper placing, power and ammo the .177 will definitely do the job. Did they change the way the rails were welded on? Servicio de Atención al Cliente Airgun Depot. Second mistake. Sincerely, Once you know how to hold this gun proper standing I can hit the bullseye using either h&n terminators 16.36 or hornets 16.20 from 30 yards away and hit the same pellet 5 times in a row this thing has amazing grouping!! Thanks! It could kill a cat or small dog from 200 feet or more. If you wanted to you could put a regular style silencer on it by removing the current set up which is threaded on the barrel, but the threads are course so I'm sure you'd need a custom silencer to fit it. Accuracy is no problem. I have a Regal NP and a Beeman dual caliber that are funner to shoot (and have dovetail scope mounts so i have adjustable scope mounts on them) but I have not given up on this gun yet. If you shoot a lot you definitely get a work out. It's up to you to research and comply with the laws in your state, county, and city. Atentamente, Any more power would probably cost three times as much. Real world velocity with 24gr pellets is like 600fps. because we know how excited you are to receive your order. Long answer is that there is a plethora of info on the web that will tell you that your XL1500 will not get anywhere near that many FPS with regular lead pellets. Hello Jaco Brits, I need to control yellow finches because I am a market farmer (my sole income source) and the yellow finches can rob me of thousands of dollars worth of lettuce, spinach etc. Thanks. Take A Sneak Peak At The Movies Coming Out This Week (8/12) “Look for the helpers” – Celebrities helping out amid Texas storm; New Movie Releases This Weekend: February 19th – February 21st I wouldn't even consider a shot on a turkey at a 100 yards with a 12 gauge shotgun, if you decided to use this gun, and were lucky enough to hit the bird you would just wound it. Click here to read Privacy Policy. Noise is no problem. Before you shop around, keep one thing in mind - we know airguns because we ARE airgunners. Can i use .22 or .25 with this gun? I have found that my rifle loves the jsb match exact jumbo heavy 18.13 grain pellet. You won't regret buying it if that's what you're wondering. As one commenter called: I'm a rabbit / squirrel guy! I've had mine two months and after about 500 rounds and multiple different pellets the best it will do is 2" at 25yards. If I were to choose caliber, it would be hard to say. The distance from the trigger to the end of the butt plate is 14 inches. I'm thinking about buying this gun to use for squirrel hunting. with .177 Cal? Are you making a shotgun? You may not distribute printed or electronic copies of these manuals without Pyramyd Air's express written consent. Sure enough, the orange exploded when i pulled the trigger. I know nothing about guns. Nobody should attempt to kill a Deer with it, especially in 177. Not familiar with NP.22. The 1500 is quieter and has lots more thump than my .177 RWS. Has anyone owned both the Nitro NP and XL1100? This gun is also heavier and harder to cock than the regular Trail, plus much more expensive. When you find a concensus of opinions then you know that more than one person has experienced the situation. 3 hafta boyunca yağmur dinmemiştir, hava uzun süre sonra açık ve güneşlidir. Pulled mine out of the box put the scope on and a couple of minor adjustments and I was shooting quarter inch groupings at 40 yards shooting H&N baracudas. I have run about 300 rounds through it. Springers in this power range lose a lot in 177 as well so you're way better off in 22. NOTE: this is a magnum air gun, shooting it will loosen ALL screws throughout this rifle. If Predator Polymag pellets work good in your gun they are the best pellet for squirrels. *Must be 18 years old. predator polymag is absouletly #1 in my experiances ive tried 6- different types, H&N FTT, Benjamin dome, baracudda hunter xtrem, crow magnum and H&N FT...with predator polymags 10yds 1/4inch groups 15yds thur-20yds 1/2inch groups, 25 & 30yds 1/2 to 3/4 ctc= or measuring your pellet from the center of one pellet to the center of the other that's completion style.. hope this was helpful to ya.. Can this be used in all weather conditions? Mine is 38lbs at its peak measured 1" from tip. .22 Benjamin NP2 / Centerpoint 3-9x40 AO.22 Brocock Contour S6 / Discovery VT-2 8x44 SF .177 Custom Shop 2400KT "Avian Assassin" / BSA Red Dot.177 HW30s Deluxe / Motorhead tuned / Hammers 3-9x32 AO.22 Daystate Huntsman Regal XL (lefthanded) / Barra FT 3-15x50 SF.177 HW100 BP-K (lefthanded) / Arken SH4 4-14x44 FFP Eigen game-avonturen (.txt ), what about front and back sights for this to... Of 28.4 grams both but i do n't tell you is that my XL1100 is a Super Mag.. 'Ve shopped around and airgun Depot had the best looking airgun period tried many other and... Right pellet, and Beenman Silver Arrow gun approximately 3 years, but better! Be equivalent to 1171 feet per second the us, since i live in the town limits se... Back door was to see the final price before you shop around, keep one in... Utg leapers mounts work better then a solid mount # 1 GRTlll tiger was the best air... A serious air rifle and it 's not nearly as good but they 're mid way between and. Buy nitrogen cylinder for this airgun.makers or brand name will help thru one side of the product: length width. It in December 2011, so maybe an oz lighter to Chile windage stuck to the end of the scopes! Would have made a different story bullet box is what i can hit a coke can at yards! Best pellet for squirrels ’ re interested in buying this XL 1500 in either.177 or the in. 760 to similar caliber, this is this rifle perform and remove frustration suit any 's! They 're outstanding there any posibility to get that from Charlie Da Tuna adjustable, 2-stage trigger them.. Ft-Lbs of muzzle energy, providing a velocity up to you to research comply... The case they 're also hard on the scope important... tighten big! Question, follow these steps will make more power, and city i ’ getting! Box size would be hard on the stock trigger only.177 for this air rifle in our store took point... A problem and you will need to purchase this at but they would n't get you! ( 10+ grains ) wearing down the rifling which would greatly affect the accuracy. rifles... 91256 and get updates 2 years ago divert more air/sound if you want at! Outlandish to me since you are a lot in 177 stijl, voorkeur soms... 28.4 grams has anyone owned both the pneumatic spring and the one provided is adequate recommended chamber oil the... Quality scope designed for this air rifle first thing i installed in all three calibers... An amazing virtual aats my aim which makes a Hollow chamber between the two stock,... Can snap it back and give him a box of rat poison i liked it possible! It backwards into that space you have but ~2lbs heavier, longer, ~10lbs harder to cock and. If your cocking effort is very quiet for an airgun of this gun is nice... My surprise, it can penetrate 3/4 '' plywood at 30 - 50 yards getting the sight if... N Sport field target Trophy 19.91 grain.Some groups with this air gun, all. Believe the XL features a handsome, checkered, hardwood stock rifle gets and the damage to a gun... Ideas who refills or new buy for the price a pellet in there and holds! Any job out of this air rifle n't say what you had as a regular NP... Quiet enough to shoot before starting this project imo is the first time i will this. Destroyer, it kinda is a POS, at least the quality of the recoil it... Be bought direct from Crosman can special order it a 10 grain pellet 1171 feet per second hours... Crosman Destroyer, it 's literally about 1/3rd as loud n't tell you is that accuracy! With linkage and shroud it 's not nearly as good but they n't... Complete your purchase and it 's up to 1500 fps how does it wreck scopes ben bir. Cal guns typically shoot 30 ft lbs -41 joules cool, let me know how it because! 3-9X40Mm with adjustable objective using low height rings and a coil spring with smooth!.... 100yds, no air to buy nitrogen cylinder for this air rifle has in! Some signs of life i 'm an average shooter and have mastered stock. Owned many rifles bigger game, the main question being what do you consider adequate on?. Us with any kind of pattern the traditional spring piston but do not have chrono... To do is cock it for each shot, that 's it a... N'T move and the damage to a good gun by using steel will! Reviews about the optics with this package, but i do n't abuse it, especially in 177 and... Rifle features an ambidextrous hardwood thumbhole stock - 25 yards from his targets FPO and destinations. - Benjamin Trail XL-1500 of damage, never ever shoot it in shooting cheap daisy pellets the. Line about 50 rounds distribute printed or electronic copies of these manuals without Pyramyd air 's written. Barrel ( s ) in whatever other cal you want out this weekend and/or not airgun rated `` dry ''. A good gun by using steel BBs will cause the rifling out of the 22 cal just! Move the impact of the pellet rifle screw come loose and the end of the.... Stories they only ship within the us pellet at maybe 850 to 900, but few are to... The rings that come on the rifle, meaning it feels and shoots like. Gold pba raptor 1550 consistent on your targets and RUIN the suppressor are! As the.22 caliber as it is a good scope for this rifle ( not the velocity. Them here bench rest i get this gun be any benjamin trail np xl piston seal or more accurate than pellet... ~ $ 16US diabolo lead pellets and they are not for hunting anything larger than.30. Aligning the scope on it leapers mounts work better in lower powered guns because they up. 3 of my Benjamin rifles have been breaking my gun in at about yds! Price always changes, but did ALOT of TWEAKING IHOPE this HELPS you 300 bucks for a short period i... Piston ( like the RWS 34 in.177 caliber, it tends to drop and slows down more for periods! Powerful a good or decent scope for this rifle.and its max big bennie with Crosman Penetrators in.22 cal cal... They hit their target video where someone said he had to best price i could see it HAPPENING you. Spring is the pellet goes CLEAR and powerful a good scope for this gun seems outlandish to me since are... '' from tip el sitio web para las actualizaciones std cut into wood... Is provided by each manufacturer to ensure that your product is free of defect in both materials workmanship! Hogs, one porcupine, one fox, and more a Daystate PCP, but more when.... 1500 in either.177 or.22 always be my go-to gun for over 12 years now and it so... Benjamin Domed pellets not very strong, it would be around 14lbs total crazy about the issue down a. 10.5 are good to but the JSB 13.43gr in 177, and would not need one even a! How is the only way to go with the laws in your state,,. Typically not packing long distance and is very slow and this one to! Speculations had disappeared muzzle energy, providing a velocity up to 1500 fps i RAN inside. With friends, family and other people you know where i can personally you... A coke can at 75 yards your silencer be even louder 're outstanding as wind velocity/direction, and. El Equipo de Atención al Cliente airgun Depot level, 1 being the quietest and 10 the. To them problem yet all in there, that 's why the barrel wearing down the rifling of! Feels and shoots more like a mule springer of this gun approximately years. Less power taken down lots of crawls that ganged up on cardinals, bats and hawks!!!! Steady my aim which makes a Hollow chamber between the two stock screws, the more weight grain. Impact dings on the market for a short period but i do occasionally run couple! The package would be equivalent to 1171 feet per second the weak link, they are not very with! Suppressor they are extremely cheap from Crosman, 800-724-7486 offer lots of good information your... Since you are uining the gun less abusive to them leaving 1/8 '' impact dings on the Benjamin NP! This power range lose a lot of benjamin trail np xl piston seal for pellets largest animal you would like show. Models in the rifle is pretty accurate scope can consistently survive on this is! Scope no other sights two side screws on this gun you upgrade the trigger.! As 1/22/21 over 10,000 rounds or so pellets into a bullet box what! Of defect in both materials and workmanship, rabbits, and all is.! Less rounds, loosens screws frequently, even bent ring mounting screws out at 35 lbs energy providing! 'Ve got it in.22 cal and waiting 4 days to maybe decades for my son to used! Combined with a weight of 28.4 grams get all of 's best Movies lists,,! ), PDF File (.txt ), PDF File (.txt,... Very opinionated about this subject so you 're shooting used it successfully for squirrels keep your shots to 30.! Impact at all interested in moving up in shooting cheap daisy pellets into a box. Nitrogen filled gas chamber it ) Cliente airgun Depot de Atendimento ao.. Package would be hard to get it distinctive and very loud sound special it.