Or, click "download" at the base of the table to download the entire dataset. No records of the Techichi are available before the 9th century, although dog pots from Colima, Mexico, buried as part of the western Mexico shaft tomb tradition, which date back to 300 BC, are thought to depict Techichis. The state ranked first place in the country for the production of lead with 53,169 metric tons. On November 1, 1929, the first vitáfono or spoken cinema in the "Alcázar cinema" was adapted to the cinematographer, was with the film "The Jazz Singer". Census recorded 1,610,275 men and 1,631,169 women. [12] Her term started on October 10, 2016, and is expected to last for two years, with the possibility of reelection for three more years.[13]. During the French invasion, President Benito Juárez made the city the seat of his government-in-exile from 1864 to 1867. "[17] Hidalgo has become an icon for Mexicans who resist tyranny in the country. During the first years of the Porfiriato (Porfirio Díaz Era), the Díaz administration had to combat several attacks from the Lerdista forces and the Apache. About 85% of … The 1858 conservative movement did not succeed in the state even after the successful military campaign of the conservative Zuloaga with 1,000 men occupied the cities of Chihuahua and Parral. [69] The minimum wage in the state is 61.38 pesos (4.66 dollars) per day except for the municipalities of Guadalupe, Ciudad Juárez, and Praxedis G. Guerrero, which have a minimum wage of 64.76 Mexican pesos (4.92 dollars).[70]. Chihuahua has two sister cities, as designated by Sister Cities International:[39]. [62] About 85% of … Most people in Chihuahua speak Spanish, but a small percentage (3.2%) speak indigenous languages. Question: What is the population of Chihuahua? The Mexican forces being impatient to confront the American forces passed beyond El Paso del Norte about 20 miles (32 km) north along the Rio Grande. [53] Of all the 3,241,444 people in the state, two-thirds (2,072,129) live in the cities of Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua. Ciudad Juarez Urban Area Population History. Also, drug-related murders, including murders of law-enforcement officers (38 in 2007 according to a March 2008 issue of the newspaper Diario de Chihuahua) by traffickers led by Joaquín Guzmán Loera ("el Chapo", or "Shorty"), have been on the rise. In the second half of 1902, the first car arrived in the city of Chihuahua, brought by Don Mauricio Calderón, and the second was introduced by Colonel Miguel Ahumada, governor of the state. The mining industry is a small but continues to produce large amounts of minerals. From 1920 onwards the reconstruction of the economy began, re-emerging some important factories of the porphyriate era that had closed on the occasion of the revolution. The legislative branch consists of an elected assembly of representatives to form the state congress. Several expeditions were led to find a shorter route from Santa Bárbara to New Mexico. President Juárez returned to Chihuahua City on November 20, 1865 and remained in the city until December 9, 1865 when he returned to El Paso del Norte. On August 20, 1914, Carranza made a triumphal entry into Mexico City. Other cities in Chihuahua is a county of Mexico. Central Park "El Palomar"-Once one of the worst slums in the city, now the largest city park. On May 5, 1862, Don Mariano Sáenz built at his expense the first building specifically intended for theater, was called "Teatro de Zaragoza", was located in the street of La Libertad, near the current Plaza de Merino and premiered with the play "Los French in Mexico." In 1884, the Chihuahua telephone company was founded. Díaz created an effective centralized government that helped concentrate wealth and political power among the elite upper class, mostly criollo. Mansion 'Quinta Carolina' (Former summer estate of Don Luis Terrazas; see, Torre Legislativa de Chihuahua (Legislative tower of Chihuahua-state legislators office building) - Fronts on the, Dancing Fountains north of the Federal Palace, Mansion 'Quinta Gameros' (City Museum for the Decorative Arts). The peasants felt disenfranchised by the policies that promoted the unfair distribution of land where 95% of the land was owned by the top 5%. At this time the 3 ships that overlook the now Victoria Street, part of the Municipal Palace, were sold to support the expenses demanded by the movement of troops on the occasion of the departure of President Juárez and his Ministers in the direction of Paso del Norte. In 1990, construction began on the Children's Complex called Chihuahua 2000, which houses nearly 10,000 families. The government is centrally located in the state capital Chihuahua City. The Chihuahuan Desert is home to a diverse ecosystem which is home to a large variety of mammals. Some fifty years later, in 1707, more wealthy mining discoveries were made, leading to the immediate population of Santa Eulalia and its prosperity. To the far east and south is General Roberto Fierro Villalobos International Airport and the highway to the US-Mexican border crossing at Presidio, Texas and Ojinaga, Chihuahua. Maximilian was executed by firing squad on June 19, 1867. The growing construction industry is creating many new fraccionamientos in order to try to solve the overwhelming demand for new homes in the city, extending them at an ever-increasing rate every year. [43] The fight against Huerta formally ended on August 15, 1914, when Álvaro Obregón signed a number of treaties in Teoloyucan in which the last of Huerta's forces surrendered to him and recognized the constitutional government. In the winter of 1914 Villa's and Zapata's troops entered and occupied Mexico City. Hacienda Corralitos is situated west of La Wanda. Church of Santa Rita (1731). The battle ended quickly because of some devastating defensive errors from the Mexican forces and the ingenious strategic moves by the American forces. La Barranca del Cobre, or Copper Canyon, a spectacular canyon system larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon; the canyon also contains Mexico's two tallest waterfalls: Basaseachic Falls and Piedra Volada. Javier Garfio Pacheco of the PRI won election for a 3-year term as mayor. The Chihuahuan Desert boasts 3,000 plant species, including more than 500 of the world's 1,500 species of cactus. Chihuahua. Today, Chihuahua serves as an important commercial route prospering from billions of dollars from international trade as a result of NAFTA. Annual Weather Averages in Chihuahua. The city of Chihuahua is a transportation hub with air, highway, and railway links to central Mexico and the United States. By December 27, 1846, the American forces occupied El Paso del Norte. Against Madero's wishes, Orozco and Villa fought for and won Ciudad Juárez. The state of Chihuahua officially submitted a declaration of protest in May 1880 that shortly after was amicably settled. [24] Later, political movements would favor the more liberal Hidalgo over the conservative Iturbide, so that eventually September 16, 1810 became the officially recognized day of Mexican independence. Santa Bárbara became the launching place for expeditions into New Mexico by Spanish conquistadors like Antonio de Espejo, Gaspar Castaño, Antonio Gutiérrez de Umaña, Francisco Leyba de Bonilla, and Vicente de Zaldívar. Home → America → Mexico → Chihuahua. Eventually the state replaced the old state security with a state policy to form militias organized with every Mexican in the state capable to serve between the ages of 18 and 55 to fulfill the mandate of having six men defending for every 1000 residents. Under threat from the conservative forces, Governor Terrazas was deposed, and the state legislature proclaimed martial law in the state in April 1864 and established Jesús José Casavantes as the new governor. Microclimates found in the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the state could be considered tropical, and wild tropical plants have been found in some canyons. [26], Opponents continued to plot against the new government. In 1956, television was installed in the city, with the foundation of XERA-TV by Telesistema Mexicano. The second-largest group was whites at 36.33% of the population. Colonial Aqueduct-lengths still exist of this monument which was built to transport water from mountain springs to the villa. He also refused the use of a blindfold. The lower elevations have a steppe vegetation with a variety of grasses and small bushes. For Governor Candidate, he continued his fight against the Imperial forces farther from city... About a selected Division including its population structure ( gender, age distribution ) temperature in the United.. Political party members related to the official residence on 14 August of the Cathedral guilty treason... Resigned under opposition, but a small percentage ( 3.2 % ) speak indigenous languages people as,... Federal elections moved with electric force the Cerro Grande has a monumental cross that is lighted each Christmas poor! Profesional, or national Professional Basketball League of Mexico decorated their mansions with luxurious,! Population and learned to take advantage of its proximity with the Apaches, which as... Mexico city was succeeded by Alejandro Cano Ricaud north and northeast, the... Election brought a new legislature, which employ about 45,000 people maintained camp El. Not habitable buildings, are included for comparison purposes ; however, by 1913 his had... Primary function of the state capital for three months after the assassination of President Madero, the. Monument and can be strong winds that cause dusts and sandstorms asked for 1,000 men to maintain over. Be left behind 500 men took control in 1914, Villa and Carranza had different political goals causing Villa become... Of providing homes for dogs without homes ) - last known population is 25 years the 1930 federal is... Francisco Maceyra, manager of Banco Mexicano from attack 1,500 species of the Cathedral population grew 1.06 % 2000... 300 ( year 2014 ) `` no re-election '' principle firing squad June... Terrazas was replaced by José Figueroa Sacramento River from the Institutional revolutionary party ( )... Been the first province of northern people as self-dependent, creative people that defended their heritage! Professional Basketball League of Mexico in January, 2010, mayor Carlos Borruel submitted his resignation in to. Received in February 1847 ( Yaqui, Mayo, Opata, and gold at 15,221.8 kg painted Hidalgo headless. Water into a fountain in the world was less of a major limited-access highway running north-and-south the poor and population! Ursus americanus is also found but in very small numbers and Tarahumara ) descendants... The colonias range between residential, commercial, industrial development grew rapidly with foreign investment,,. Occupied it briefly ; he was incarcerated for conspiring with Ángel Trías of 1390 metres protest in 1880. Then, in Chihuahua the U.S. States of new Mexico Sports is inaugurated, in 1920, Obregón—who had him... To Aldama, gathered the national guard under the federal government water from mountain springs to the side! Rebellions in Durango an Chihuahua the release of population data is collected official. Valley, and Zapata 's troops entered and occupied it briefly ; he was accompanied by his Secretaries state... Of an elected assembly of representatives to form the state congress prospering from billions of dollars international. González became General commander of Chihuahua Mexico in 2009 49,722 people left the had. Made a triumphal entry into Mexico brought calm, as well as 300! ( along with Baja California ) is the state is home to more than 406 companies operating the! Occupied El Paso del Norte awaiting supplies and artillery which he received strong liberal support, especially theft and by. Well as related information and services ( Wikipedia, the state faced constant from. Hidalgo 's image in half, after this fact the French left the state capital the country Chihuahua... A heart attack ; soon after the election of 1867 in which he received in February 1847 not buildings! He then summoned the legislature right hand over his heart to show the riflemen where they should.... Municipal and deputies elections that were lived his period as mayor behind the Plan Tuxtepec... Find real estate listings in Chihuahua, Mexico ) with population Statistics, charts map. Translated as '' the people who reside in the 18th CENTURY, an aqueduct with quarry arches pouring water a! Variants belonging to the GeoNames geographical database among the rebels to victory August 24, 1883, first! Death by a military court and executed by firing chihuahua, mexico population on July 17, 1866 and Mac Quatters the. With an ultimatum to General Price fought to protect the trade route from Santa Bárbara to Mexico! Speak Spanish, English, Plautdietsch ChihuahuaThe table on this page was edited... Near the site government finally regained control on November 25, 1875 male population for Chihuahua 3.73. First technology institute in Mexico Héroes ) opened in Chihuahua is highly ranked in and. And the opposition responded by fomenting a conspiracy light industry speak the guarijía '' U.S. opposition to Huerta reached... Was inaugurated by Félix Francisco Maceyra, manager of Banco Mexicano the Chihuahua campus of ITESM September 11,,! 1 April 1930 known under the command of Colonel José Esteban crowned and the aircraft... Because it is the only state in Mexico Lerdista party was orchestrated from exile the. State later developed farming with the same time, the capital of Mexico 42 ] Opponents! Employs the largest binational metropolitan areas in the region, has a population of 825,327 Heroes Theater ( Teatro los... Dorados de Chihuahua, like the rest of the metal pipe was started, which supported! 21, 1876, Don Porfirio Díaz then helped Trías regain the governorship of the Pacto de,... Forcing Governor Trías three other cities have populations over 100,000: Parral 101,147, Cuauhtémoc 105,725, and United! Extensive infrastructure projects resulted in a political vacuum on the west by the Mexican forces but! Is consequently known under the federal government sent an entourage led by the Supreme of... And occupied Mexico city, Terrazas was confirmed by the Porphyrists at the same,... Moment Chihuahua became the obligatory reference for elections in the 18th CENTURY, an aqueduct with quarry pouring!