Doreen M. Houston, Laurie L. Head, “Acute alcohol intoxication in a dog”, ncbi. My dog at my grandmother’s house which is crossbreed has been fed with a diet of rice and curry since it was a puppy. contain various diseases such as tapeworms that can be fatal to dogs if Some dogs are allergic to corn, but some dogs happily eat corn. Your dog’s digestive tract is shorter when compared with yours. Even excess feeding of ripe tomatoes can cause digestive distress for your dog. Guide To The Labrador ebook and audio package. You may need some caffeine for a little boost in your daily routine, but your dog doesn’t need it at all. Whether your Labrador is a puppy or fully grown, what you feed them has a major impact on their health, temperament and energy levels. Some dogs might not show any digestive issues whereas some dogs might exhibit severe digestive problems. But why should a dog drink alcohol? But caffeine is not only present in tea and coffee but also present in many drinks and other items your house. Onions contain a compound called N-propyl disulfide, and this can be toxic to your dog. This is another human food that can be extremely dangerous for your dog. If the junk food that you eat is causing health damage to you, imagine what effects it could have if you feed it to your dog? Whether it is dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Your dog needs sodium for proper cellular function. Now have a look at the remaining list of foods that are although not extremely toxic but you should not feed them. The yeast which is already present in the dough activates and the dough expands in size. Hence it is better to never feed these nuts to your dog. //-->, Home | Free Online Course | Privacy Grapes can cause rapid kidney failure in your dog. some owners use without problems as they contain small amounts So it is good to avoid it.  we should keep But not every food. Sharda Baker here again. This is something that goes into your dog’s mouth very often. | Terms of use | Contact | Site Map |. In spite of the claimed benefits, a large quantity of garlic can be poisonous to your dog. To Making All Of Your Dog Experiences Happy Ones! Hence there is no necessity of feeding foods that include risk in eating them. In this article, I would like to discuss some of the DANGEROUS foods that should be Then what about puppies, won’t they drink milk in their initial stages of life? Even the commercially prepared foods have the required amounts of sodium for your dog. Some nuts are not suitable for your dog, whereas some nuts can be given in smaller quantities. Cooked bones of any kind can easily can cause toxicity in dogs that can be lethal, even in small doses. You can also ask your veterinarian for a recommendation for daily caloric intake for your dog. Some studies even suggest using garlic as a supplement. Cat foods tend to be higher in sugars and proteins, and this can cause complications for dogs as they age. Tomatoes. Read on to see what foods you should say no to when your four-legged friend comes begging. Sanjay K Banerjee, Subir K Maulik, “Effect of garlic on cardiovascular disorders”, ncbi, 2002. ( But this does not mean you can feed them. The cooked chicken bones which are usually the table scraps break easily. In addition, never give a dog But taking them in a little more quantity can be disturbing to your dog’s stomach. Dogs usually do not prefer eating lemons or limes on their own because of the fruit’s strong acidic taste. Both onions and garlic are part of the allium family of plants. Raw meaty bones are the cause salmonella, Dogs have taste buds and they are attracted to sugars and foods like ice creams just like us. Do not feed your Labrador candies or chocolates. Do avoid foods with unnamed animal proteins such as “animal digest” and “animal by-product meal.” These ingredients are unfit for human consumption and are often very low in nutrients and can even contain chemicals like pentobarbital.  Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt may cause diarrhea COOKED BONES The peels of lemon contain a substance called psoralen which is harmful to your dog. It is important to avoid Raw eggs may Limit the eggs and oil to no more than once a week — and only for active Labs who aren’t overweight.) There is a direct link between the dog breed you have and the dog food it needs. Not only garlic and onions, but leeks and chives are part of the same family and should definitely be kept away from your dog. Your Labrador usually has some natural resistance towards eating some foods. Corn in moderation sometimes is not an issue for your dog. Many of them contain nasties, too much sugar and floor scrapings, to be blunt. After all, feeding your dog the right way is essential. Thee are some garlic powders available commercially The yeast present in the food gets fermented and produces alcohol in this process. Copyright 2007 : Vinayak Enterprises Pty Ltd. 1901 60th Place E. Suite L8313 I will divide the list of foods that you should not feed your Labrador, for that matter any dog, into two categories. Unnecessary treats and human junk food can cause serious health complications for your dog such as weight gain, obesity, heart disease and even cancer. Avoid raisins, grapes and macadamia nuts, which can be harmful to dogs if ingested regularly, according to veterinarian Sarah Abood of the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Your dog doesn’t require it and can be harmful if taken. Dedicated If you have a large dog and if grabs a cookie with nutmeg in it, there might not be any severe consequences. Here are four more top-rated Labrador dog foods we recommend: Holistic Select Large Breed Grain-Free Dry Food. Beginning the search for the right dog food for your Lab (Labrador) can be overwhelming. The avocado fruit, the pits, its leaves and the plant are all toxic to dogs. As nutmeg is toxic to your dog, possibly avoid all forms of food that contain this spice. It can lead to salt poisoning in your dog.