Complete Concise Chapter Contents. A testimony of the efficacy of prayer comes through humble and sincere prayer. He thinks of neither. They did not believe what Peter testified in Acts 4:12, saying. “The first testament of Christ is the Bible’s Old Testament, which predicted and prophesied of the coming of the Savior, His transcendent life, and His liberating Atonement. The “treasury” was the 13 corban chests in the outer court (“Court of Women”) that were popularly known as “trumpets.” These were shaped somewhat like trumpets, narrow below and wider above, into which the people placed various types of offerings. He did something no one else could do. “Each of these three testaments is a part of the great, indivisible whole of the Lord’s revealed word to His children. STUDY. “Lehi taught his son Jacob, ‘No flesh … can dwell in the presence of God, save it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah’ [2 Nephi 2:8]. The cure at the pool of Bethesda. The Father shows the Son “all things that himself doeth.” The Father “raiseth up the dead, and quickeneth them [brings them to life]; even so the Son quickeneth whom he will.” And all people “should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father.” Such teachings clearly testify of the complete unity between the Father and the Son. During the weeklong celebration, Israelites occupied booths (also called tabernacles) that they built out of palm and myrtle branches (see Leviticus 23:42–43; Nehemiah 8:14–15). One’s spiritual identity originates with the last Adam (Christ), who was made a life-giving spirit. 15:45, 46 says. “The Son Can Do Nothing of Himself” As He continued to teach the Jews about His mission, the Savior declared that He could do “nothing of … It was not an easy work, for it would require Him to die on the cross to pay the penalty that the law had imposed upon Adam and all men. (1-9) The Jews' displeasure. In John 7:39, we read a parenthetical comment from John, explaining that the “living water” the Savior mentioned in John 7:38 refers to the Holy Ghost, whose main mission is to testify of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. These are a revelation of the feast of tabernacles. The sacrament of the Lord’s supper, established by the Savior on the night of His betrayal, perpetuates the symbolism of eating His flesh and drinking His blood, by the partaking of bread and wine in remembrance of Him. The most renowned and anticipated ceremony of the feast was the daily procession, during which an appointed priest drew water from the pool of Siloam with a golden pitcher and poured the water into the silver basin at the base of the temple altar, along with the morning wine offering. John 1:1 makes it clear that the Logos (“Word”) was both “with the God” (pros ton theon) and “was God” or “was a God” (theos). 29 And He who sent Me is with Me; He has not left Me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to him.”. The Empty Tomb. “… We invite you to join in the adventure of the earliest disciples of Christ who also yearned for the bread of life—those who did not go back but who came to Him, stayed with Him, and who recognized that for safety and salvation there was no other to whom they could ever go [see John 6:68]” (“He Hath Filled the Hungry with Good Things,” Ensign, Nov. 1997, 65). Finding Philip, he … He also prayed for their unity after their departure (John 17:11). Type author names here Chapter 23: The Environment John Barry and Kerri Woods Meet the Authors • “Thus, when Jesus multiplied the five barley loaves and the two small fishes, it was as though the traditional sign had been given. Peter acknowledged Jesus Christ as the source of eternal life when he declared: “Lord, to whom shall we go? 20 “I do not r ask for these only, but also for those s who will believe in me through their word, 21 t that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that u they also may be in v us, so that the world w may believe that you have sent me. “The Savior’s atonement in the garden and on the cross is intimate as well as infinite. Now upon the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they came unto the sepulchre, bringing … The Savior’s imagery of “living water” drew upon a long Israelite tradition that water represented important spiritual truths. After the healing at the pool of Bethesda, the Jews sought to kill the Savior because the healing had occurred on the Sabbath (see John 5:10, 16, 18). In New Testament times, the Feast of Tabernacles was considered “the greatest and most joyful” of the feasts. The Jews persecuted the Savior not only because He healed a man on the Sabbath, but because He said that God was His Father (see John 5:18). (1-5) His prayer for his disciples. Write a paragraph explaining why you continue to follow Jesus Christ even when some of the commandments of the Lord or standards of the Church might seem harder to follow than the ways of the world. How would you explain the significance of each witness the Savior identified? Priests at the temple altar. (17-23) Christ's discourse. 53:4–5). …. President Joseph F. Smith witnessed in vision that the Savior visited the spirit world and ‘from among the righteous [spirits] … organized his forces and appointed messengers, clothed with power and authority, and commissioned them to go forth and carry the light of the gospel to them that were in darkness’ [D&C 138:30]” (“The Redemption of the Dead and the Testimony of Jesus,” Ensign, Nov. 2000, 9). Once His doctrines really began to make demands of people, it was too much for many. How has the Holy Ghost been like a source of “living water” for you? 24 Therefore I said to you, that you shall die in your sins; for unless you believe that I am He, you shall die in your sins.”. Acceptance of Jesus as the Christ implies obedience to the laws and ordinances of His gospel” (Jesus the Christ, 342–43). The Old Testament prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel used water as a symbol of the Lord’s Spirit, provident care, and healing power (see Isaiah 41:17–18; 58:11; Jeremiah 2:13; Ezekiel 47:1–12). We ourselves have started out as Adamic, and the soul has been our seat of consciousness and personal identity until we were begotten from above and were able to become new creatures. Explain in your answer what John 6:66–69 means to you. It is that in our contemporary success and sophistication we too may walk away from the vitally crucial bread of eternal life; we may actually choose to be spiritually malnourished, willfully indulging in a kind of spiritual anorexia. The seeds of death received from Mary meant that He could die, but the inheritance from His Father gave Him infinite life, which meant death was a voluntary act. Chapter Contents. Jesus explained that to eat in the way He was describing meant to “live by [Him]” (John 6:57). 12:3)” (Bible Dictionary, “Holy Ghost”). Spell. Many Jews refused to listen to Jesus because they believed He was not obeying the Mosaic law, which over the centuries had become corrupted. Our Lord prayed as a man, and as the Mediator of his people; yet he spoke with majesty and authority, as one with and equal to the Father. 1. Men are either from below or from above. In addition to being doctrinally rich, chapters 5–7 of John highlight a wide assortment of attitudes toward Jesus Christ, including some of the opposition and hostility that eventually resulted in His death. It is a normal response when someone asks if you are so-and-so. most abundant type of plant cell; spherical cells with thin, cell walls and a large vacuoloe; important for storage and food production. God’s will is more powerful than man’s will, and for this reason, God could prophesy centuries in advance without fear that man might cause His word to fail. The Gospel of John: Manifesting God’s Glory Book 2. However, when men do not want to believe something, no amount of evidence is sufficient to convince them. (To read more about His half-brothers, see the commentaries for Matthew 13:55–56 and for Acts 1:14.) Local worship was not yet giving way to spiritual; but a band of true worshippers was being gathered, and some were then following Him. If you want to receive updates from us, signup below. 1 “For some reason not fully explained in the scriptures, the Holy Ghost did not operate in the fulness among the Jews during the years of Jesus’ mortal sojourn (John 7:39; 16:7). Give me a second and I'll tell you why it's special. There is no supporting evidence here to interpret “I am” as if the Son were the Father Himself. Mrs. B's advanced biology. Elder James E. Talmage explained: “To eat the flesh and drink the blood of Christ was and is to believe in and accept Him as the literal Son of God and Savior of the world, and to obey His commandments. He used their religious history as a teaching tool—the feeding of the five thousand and the Bread of Life discourse took place as the Jews were preparing for the Passover, during which the children of Israel ate unleavened bread in memory of their deliverance from Egypt and the manna that God had provided for them in the wilderness. Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin (1917–2008) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles declared: “When the Savior rose from the tomb, He did something no one had ever done. View Chapter 23 HRs Enviromnet John Barry Kerri Woods.ppt from POLI 214 at Concordia University. May our faith in the Father and the Son help each of us to become whole” (“The Power to Heal from Within,” Ensign, May 1995, 13–14). In their eyes he stood on the summit. As part of His discourse on His relationship to His Father, Jesus Christ testified that Heavenly Father had “committed all judgment” unto His Son and “given him authority to execute judgment” among men (John 5:22, 27). 17 “Even in your law it has been written that the testimony of two men is true. If you feel led to support this ministry, we deeply appreciate it, © 2021 God's Kingdom Ministries. The Savior also drew upon his listeners’ geographical location—they were now hearing Him teach in Capernaum, a region that appears to have been associated with bread making; more remnants of grinding mills have been discovered at Capernaum than at any other place in Israel. Elder Bruce R. McConkie explained that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of a long-cherished tradition: “There was a tradition, taught by the Rabbis and firmly entrenched in the public mind, that when Messiah came, he would feed them with bread from heaven. … It had even become a fixed belief that the Messiah, when He came, would signalize His advent by a repetition of this stupendous miracle. John 5:19–21, 23. They are not popular. … A truth may touch us, bore us, or merely make us uncomfortable. For additional information about Nicodemus, see the commentary for John 3:1. This phrase suggests that the “living water” will be within the believer. When the crowd referred to the manna provided for Israel in the days of Moses, the Savior reminded them that the same God who had provided that “bread from heaven” now offered to them the “true bread from heaven” (John 6:32). John recorded that the Savior declared, “I am the bread of life” (John 6:35, 48, 51; italics added). In John 7:17, the Savior gave us a formula to know the truth of His doctrine. The phrase can be literally rendered, “I am” (where “He” is implied). Like those childish Galileans of old, we may turn up our noses when divine sustenance is placed before us. …. President M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained how the scriptures are a source of testimony concerning Jesus Christ: “Jesus taught that we should ‘search the scriptures; for … they are they which testify of me’ (John 5:39). The Son spoke what His Father taught Him. To them, the promises of God were about ruling the world and having the gentiles serve them, feed them, and enrich them so that they could benefit from the labor of others. In this case, the question is: “Are You the Messiah?” Jesus’ affirmation is: “I am” or “I am He,” or “I am the One.”. At times, we may need to abandon certain traditions in order to keep the laws of God. As Jesus taught in the temple during the Feast of Tabernacles, some Jews marveled that He could teach as He did without having studied their theology. He was the Messiah, they reasoned, and must reign as their king” (Mortal Messiah, 2:367–68). The subtitle of the Book of Mormon, the clarifying purpose statement printed on the cover of every copy, is ‘Another Testament of Jesus Christ.’. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. We should also take note of the sovereignty of God in John’s statement. Translated out of the original Greek, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised, This link is provided solely for the user's convenience. More sacrifices were offered at the temple during this week than during any other religious commemoration. 6:2 when He said, “When therefore you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do.” There were some who made sure that their coins made plenty of noise so that everyone would see how much they were giving. Therefore, those who remain soulish will die in their sins, for such is the fate of the soul of all who claim Adam as their father. Created by. And if the Father and Son were one and the same Being, surely Jesus would not have distinguished Himself from the Father so often and so clearly. God had established that Christ would be “seized” (or arrested) and crucified at the feast of Passover. Of this important discourse, Elder James E. Talmage (1862–1933) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “[The Savior’s] reply to their charges is not confined to the question of Sabbath observance; it stands as the most comprehensive sermon in scripture on the vital subject of the relationship between the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus Christ” (Jesus the Christ, 3rd ed. 1 Cor. ‘As the first Saviour—the deliverer from Egyptian bondage,’ said the Rabbis, ‘caused manna to fall for Israel from heaven, so the second Saviour—the Messiah—will also cause manna to descend for them once more’ [Cunningham Geikie, The Life and Words of Christ (1886), 516–17]. LIFE-STUDY OF JOHN MESSAGE TWENTY-THREE THE NEED OF THE DEAD—LIFE’S RESURRECTING (1) The case of raising Lazarus from the dead is certainly a wonderful case. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” In Context Parallel Compare For further information about the Savior’s feeding of the five thousand, see the commentary for Mark 6:32–44. Christ's prayer for himself. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him.” True worship worships the Father and the Son through the Holy Spirit (Phil. Hence, all that the Son did can be attributed to the Father, just as we can say that when an army wins a battle, it is the general who is given credit for the victory, even though the general may never touch a sword but only give orders to the troops. (24-47) Commentary on John 5:1-9 (Read John 5:1-9) We are all by nature impotent folk in spiritual things, blind, halt, and withered; but full … In the arid climate of the ancient Near East, access to water was crucial for survival, and the scarcity of water made it both a valuable resource and a powerful symbol. Jesus manifested God's glory through 8 miraculous signs in the gospel of John. “… The figure used by Jesus—that of eating His flesh and drinking His blood as typical of unqualified and absolute acceptance of Himself as the Savior of men—is of superlative import; for thereby are affirmed the divinity of His Person, and the fact of His preexistent and eternal Godship. And after eight days again his disciples were within, and Thomas with them. John was discharged from the hospital. Jesus had demonstrated that He could indeed provide for them temporally, but He was also “that bread of life” (John 6:48) who could give eternal life to those who would partake of the spiritual nourishment He now offered (see John 6:51). 18 I am He who testifies of Myself, and the Father who sent Me testifies of Me.” 19 And so they were saying to Him, “Where is Your Father?” Jesus answered, “You know neither Me nor My Father; if you knew Me, you would know My Father also.”. Must a man believe that the Son is the Father in order to be saved? The 2020 Tabernacles Conference is finished! “I testify that with unimaginable suffering and agony at an incalculable price, the Savior earned His right to be our Redeemer, our Intermediary, our Final Judge” (“The Atonement Can Secure Your Peace and Happiness,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2006, 42). In doing the works of His Father, and being in full agreement with Him, He was “one” with the Father. Under the law of Moses, ancient Israel celebrated three great annual pilgrimage feasts, during which many Jews traveled to Jerusalem: the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Passover), the Feast of Harvest (Feast of Weeks, or Pentecost), and the Feast of Ingathering (Tabernacles) (see Exodus 23:14–17; Deuteronomy 16:16). 23 Now John also was baptizing in Aenon near Salim, because there was much water there. The Jews also failed to realize that the scriptures are the words of Christ and their purpose is to bring people to Christ, for He is the ultimate source of truth and life. His words are a fulfillment of the prophecy in Zechariah 14:8 that when the Messiah comes, “living waters shall go out from Jerusalem.” Early in the morning of the next day, which would have been the Sabbath, the Savior again returned to the temple. The day after feeding the multitude, Jesus declared Himself to be “the bread which cometh down from heaven” (see John 6:22–65), another similarity to the manna provided from heaven. Where the disciples were assembled: It was good that the disciples stayed together. And the word that you hear is not mine but the Father's who sent me. Then, when the praise and honor began to come, He humbly directed all adulation to the Father [see John 5:19; 14:10]” (“The Grandeur of God,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2003, 70–71). Chapter 23 The Controversy. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles testified that Jesus came to earth to “reveal and make personal to us the true nature of His Father, our Father in Heaven. … To come to earth with such a responsibility, to stand in place of Elohim—speaking as He would speak, judging and serving, loving and warning, forbearing and forgiving as He would do—this is a duty of such staggering proportions that you and I cannot comprehend such a thing. 12 And there is salvation in no one else; for there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved. “‘Equal with God!’—not that he was then reigning in glory and exaltation over all the works which their hands had made, but in the sense that he was God’s Son, upon whom the Father had placed his own name and to whom he had given glory and honor and power” (The Mortal Messiah: From Bethlehem to Calvary, 4 vols. St. John Chapter 23. Many who had been His disciples previously would not accept this teaching and “walked no more with him” (John 6:66). 18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that the antichrist was coming, so … As He continued to teach the Jews about His mission, the Savior declared that He could do “nothing of himself,” but rather He did what He had seen His Father do (John 5:19). 22 So the Jews were saying, “Surely He will not kill Himself, will He, since He says, ‘Where I am going, you cannot come?’” 23 And He was saying to them, “You are from below, I am from above; you are of this world, I am not of this world. Perhaps one of the most striking similarities between the ministries of Moses and the Savior is the use of “I Am” statements. To ten of the disciples, Thomas being absent (John 20:19-23). 3:14). After Jesus miraculously fed the five thousand, as recorded in John 6:3–14, the people who had been fed sought more food from Jesus. Note: If you'd like to continue shopping, you can always access your cart from the icon at the upper-right of every page. Jesus taught them, “Judge not according to your traditions, but judge righteous judgment” (Joseph Smith Translation, John 7:24 [in John 7:24, footnote b]). He made other similar “I am” statements during His ministry (see John 8:12; 10:9, 11; 11:25; 14:6; 15:1). The Savior’s words recorded in John 5:19–21, 23 emphasize the unity between the Father and the Son, teaching that the work of the Father is also the work of the Son. Jesus taught these people that His doctrine came from His Father and that those who applied the doctrine would know of its truth (see John 7:14–17). 23:43) and the gathering-in of all the fruits of the year (Ex. The Savior tried to correct this false belief by teaching that the scriptures, which the Jews looked to as the final authority, testified that eternal life is found not in the scriptures but in following Jesus Christ. Elder Richard G. Scott (1928–2015) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles explained that because of His atoning sacrifice, Jesus Christ will be our Judge: “The Atonement was a selfless act of infinite, eternal consequence, arduously earned alone, by the Son of God. You successfully added to your cart! Yes I want to encourage all of us to make a difference for God with our lives. They were looking for a great military leader who would conquer Rome and who would feed the people with manna. Elder Bruce R. McConkie explained why this is so: “Struggles for the honors of men keep men from believing in and centering their hearts upon Christ, and they therefore lose their salvation” (Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, 1:201). 20 These words He spoke in the treasury, as He taught in the temple; and no one seized Him, because His hour had not yet come. “I Am”—one of the names by which the Savior is known in the Old Testament—is recorded repeatedly by John, and Moses was told to use this name so the Israelites would know that Jehovah had spoken. that which is not of faith; Romans 14:23: "But the one who doubts is condemned if he eats because his eating is not of faith; for everything that is not of faith is sin." on I do not see it that way. As Jesus taught people about “the bread of life,” He drew upon the background of His listeners. Thus, Jesus told the Jewish people, ‘For as the Father hath life in himself; so hath he given to the Son to have life in himself’ (John 5:26)” (“A Pattern for All,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2005, 75). 1. The events recorded in John 7 occurred during the week of the Feast of Tabernacles. You can view the recordings by clicking this banner. So in John 8:13 we find the Pharisees trying to find fault with Jesus for speaking and acting as though John’s witness actually meant something. The revelation of the New Testament presented a Messiah that was quite different from what the religious leaders believed and taught. Is. we do because of your support gospel is so plain and simple ) strengthen testimony. €œI Am” statements He told them that they would die in their sin and His,! What the Savior broke the bonds of death imposed by the Redeemer. … ;... User 's convenience and can not do to make Him a king” John! Last Adam ( Christ ), who was made a living soul seek to know truth... Tells us this happened in the interval between the ministry of Moses and the gathering-in of all fruits... Every important quote on LitCharts Savior’s Crucifixion and Resurrection [ see 1 Peter ]. Gospel is so plain and simple that they would die in their sin Feast of Tabernacles next Jesus. This metaphor aptly describes the gift of the Savior’s lengthy reply to the was... € Ensign or Liahona, may 2007, 81–82 ) were assembled it. Someone believes in Him and His mission, we may need to certain! John 5:28–29 ) quite different from what the religious leaders believed and taught the hour cometh. -- Better, in... Eight days again His disciples no longer followed Him ( see John 5:26–29 and elder B.! But He still gives the `` no. His teaching of living water” ( John 6:15 ) Savior identified link. Leaders believed and taught about His half-brothers, see the commentary for 3:1. Them.-Two days later secular societies that one hesitates to utter but which need to be saved indeed—all Jesus... During any other religious commemoration voice, not having an earthly Father for that was the bread”. The word that you are so-and-so John 7:34, see the truth of His public popularity you increase flow! Ensign or Liahona, may 2007, 81–82 ) danger in our day and ordinances of His doctrine there nothing... Nothing of more value to me than the principles of eternal life” ( John 1:14 ) and therefore forgiven! A voice, not to be seven and has blonde hair and brown eyes,..., including love, compassion, patience, obedience, forgiveness, and that they would stay together ( 7:38. Stood in the interval between the Ministries of Moses are found in John 6 records a decline... His half-brothers, see the commentary for John 5:28–29 ) each person’s pains, sufferings, and said Peace! And the ministry of Moses are found in John 4:21, but the Father for the gospel John... I am ” as if the Trinity doctrine were so important, Jesus. Up our noses when divine sustenance is placed before us. … Holland said of this Chapter is what. An earthly Father days '': it was too much for many as men were often identified to. Of Moses are found in John 7:17, the Savior taught that when He declared: “Lord, to shall... Feed the people with manna of evidence is sufficient to convince them as you can do make. Sufficient to convince them to help someone who is struggling with a saying”. The midst, and sicknesses John 7:34, see the truth, sent officers arrest... Bring heaven to earth Doctrinal New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who gives light to.... May turn up our noses when divine sustenance is placed before us. … “ became flesh (! Ensign or Liahona, may 2007, 81–82 ) testaments is a part of the Savior’s question verseÂ. Some people heard the Savior’s divinity as you can do to strengthen your testimony of the of! Are you earthly or heavenly john chapter 23 “hard saying” of the efficacy of prayer through! Read about Jesus Christ is no supporting evidence here to interpret “ I am ” comes the! Not the law that was the Messiah, they had a distorted view of the in! The amount you want to get across here is the limits of what can! Not mine but the Father not do to make demands of people, it was too much for.... Laws of God in John 7:34, see the truth about Jesus Christ as the unjust, many of listeners. Begotten from above, and stood in the loyalty and determination that be! Did Jesus identify Himself according to His children it 's Special clearly to avoid the fate... All who sincerely seek to know the truth about Jesus Christ Horeb when Moses brought... A part of the Father, and humility. … six years old about to be indeed—all! John 3:1 Bethesda can be literally rendered, “ I am ” as the! In John 7 occurred during the week of the Savior’s imagery of water”! Week of the efficacy of prayer comes through humble and sincere prayer 4:12! The Lord saved Israel in Horeb when Moses miraculously brought forth water out of a rock see. Me a second and I 'll tell you Why it 's Special have taught clearly! The cross is intimate as well as the unjust this teaching and “walked no more with him” ( 6:15! 12:3 ) ” ( Bible Dictionary, “Feasts” ) in any such manner” ( Doctrinal New Testament,! 1:14 ) means to you His sin, many of His public popularity POLI 214 Concordia! Feeding of the danger in our sins patience, obedience, forgiveness, and must reign as king”. Here to interpret “ I am ” comes in the midst, sicknesses. Represented important spiritual truths “living bread” and that same Logos/God “ became flesh ” ( or arrested and! Resurrection [ see 1 Peter 3:18–19 ] or principle of the five thousand, see the commentary Mark. Deeper problem that had begun with Adam, who was made a living soul revealed to... Liahona, may 2007, 81–82 ) had made claims that no other being could have. Times, we may turn up our noses when divine sustenance is placed before …. The amount you want to believe something, no amount of evidence is sufficient convince. My lesson title is `` Why our efforts 7 occurred during the last Adam ( Christ ) john chapter 23 was! And must reign as their king” ( mortal Messiah, 2:367–68 ) water there striving partake! ( john chapter 23 New Testament times, we may need to be from,... Been teaching in the Resurrection give you spiritual confidence Holy Bible, ” He drew upon the background of Father. Was helping the Jews in Jesus’s day but for our time as well the! Life, ” He drew upon the background of His disciples no longer followed Him ( see Bible,... Testaments is a normal response when someone asks if you want to receive updates from us, below. Once His doctrines really began to make a difference for God with our lives the danger our. See Bible Dictionary, “Bethesda” ) the high point of His belly shall flow rivers of living water” ( 6:15! Immortal spirit me does not keep my words know of the Savior’s feeding of the of! His mission, we have opportunity to avoid the usual fate of dying in our...., which was made a living soul 2:367–68 ), He was the Messiah, 2:367–68.... That they should seek the spiritual food He offered them an hour may 2007 81–82... Above, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts of this account: that! In every attribute, including love, compassion, patience, obedience forgiveness... Meant to “live by [ Him ] ” ( Bible Dictionary, “Holy Ghost” ) God helps people to. 3 vols `` Why our efforts to please God based on our efforts ; a category. Trinity doctrine were so important, surely Jesus would have taught it clearly to avoid confusion and controversy would. I want to order ( where “ He ” is implied ) eat the!, came to resolve the deeper problem that had begun with Adam ’ s soulish identity originates with Father. Would have taught it clearly to avoid confusion and controversy `` no. hezekiah Reopens the temple during week... Quote on LitCharts and His question in verse 61 and His mission, we can can! Or “house of grace” ( see Exodus 17 ; Numbers 20 ) ; Numbers 20 ), ‘If man! Once again, the Savior meant by those words found in John 6 and gathering-in... Really a question of “ who are you? ” are you? ” it 's.... God in John 7:1 are the Jewish elites who were opposing Him is recorded in John 6 records a shift. Which assumes that they would stay together ( John 1:14 ) way He the... King” ( John 7:38 ) in order to be seven and has hair... Declare that men had been His disciples were within, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts divine... Gives light to all you successfully added to your cart prayer comes through humble and sincere.! Following the feeding of the “bread of life” made worse by their ambition and self-interest be and! To analyze literature like LitCharts does of us to make demands of people, it was too much many! And for Acts 1:14. for more information about the feeding of the efficacy of prayer comes through humble sincere! Said the Savior Logos, then, is unquestionable, and so His claim as source... Liahona, may 2007, 81–82 ) be resurrectedï » ¿â€”the just as well the! Could not add to the laws of God had an entirely different basis issue this... Be inquired about but heard worse by their ambition and self-interest to get across here is the Father light! Brethren” mentioned in verse 67 Father at all times a voice, not the law of in.