It is now revealed that Malefor wanted Spyro at the Well of Souls during the Night of Eternal Darkness because he needed a Purple Dragon to free him, and because the eclipse would corrupt him. Once again, when Malefor's life is depleted he must be finished off when he charges and strikes with his claws, by pressing the button onscreen. Spyro and Cynder engage a tremendous battle against Malefor, but they are too late as the Destroyer has just completed his journey and the world starts breaking apart. Loading... Save. In the intended draft of the story, Malefor's corruption would have been caused by something dark and powerful. Based on the ruins below Warfang, the ancestors had very high hopes for Malefor and had built the whole place as a training ground for him, as well as a statue of him which was placed at the Dragon Temple. The scene also gives the impression he may have been dragged into Hell. The Dark MasterThe First Purple DragonMalefor the Dragon Malefor also wields extraordinary powers, likely stemming from the reality-warping Aether, enabling him to create, transform and manipulate things as he pleases. Worth noting is that Spyro and Cynder didn't actually defeat Malefor themselves since he recovered from their combined Aether attack unscathed. Lo scontro finale tra Malefor il drago viola della leggenda e Spyro il nuovo drago viola. Powers/Skills Thus, Malefor was the first dragon to be able to use more than one element, which other Dragons were restricted to only one. Whether this is actually true is unknown. Spyro denied this, saying that he is nothing like Malefor, who then proceeded to free the young dragons of the chain that tethered them together as his way of "thanking" Cynder for his services and make them feel more comfortable. The Destroyer was said to be a legendary creature that would bring about a new age and world by destroying the old one. However the battle caused the Mountain to collapse all around them, trapping the three. This can be a severe hindrance, as Spyro and Cynder need to fly continuously. Spyro : But the ancestors thought Malefor was going to be different. Having lost control over this sinister power, Spyro killed Gaul in his fury and was about to turn on Sparx and Cynder. Spyro, who had developed romantic feelings for Cynder, and Sparx set out to rescue her and eventually made it to the Well of Souls, where Spyro confronted and fought against Gaul. Their only hope is to defeat Malefor before the Destroyer completes its circle, but Ignitus sacrifices his life to allow them to go through the Ring of Fire and reach Malefor's fortress. Your existence is nature's way of balancing itself. Malefor did not lose time after being freed. He then states to a crushed Spyro that the destiny of Purple Dragons, including him, is to bring about the “great cleansing”, but the young dragon rejects his views. Upon realizing that Cynder's feelings for Spyro are stronger than his corruption, Malefor angrily tethered her back to Spyro with the snake chain to kill her along with Spyro. Years before the start of the story, Gaul and his Ape army attacked the Dragon Temple during the Year of the Dragon under Malefor's orders. For those of you that don’t know, the “Legend of Spyro” trilogy is a reboot of the Spyro franchise that released one title every year from 2006 to 2008. The trilogy focuses on Spyro (Elijah Wood), a prophesied purple dragon who is meant to bring order to the realm, and his struggle against Malefor (Mark Hamill), another purple dragon who turned evil and is determined to bring armageddon to the realm (one purple dragon is born every ten generations and have special powers and abilities). Numerous dragons (and a few other creatures) have been Possesed by Malefor in his plot. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Malefor stole the Spirit Gems, the source of the dragons' life-force and used them against the dragons, but he was ultimately defeated. Striking him with an Aether Attack will raise life-points. As Gaul held Cynder captive, he informed her that Malefor would either take her back due to her "loyalty" as his servant or kill her. Next, they manage to shatter the Destroyer's Crystal Core but Malefor merely reactivates it. Malefor. Flash - Nina - Kane - Mole-Yair - Exhumor - Conductor, Bosses Additional Notice: This template is meant for admin maintenance only. 4. Living up to his title after choosing evil, Malefor wields powerful dark magic, which enables him to corrupt anything or anyone as he pleases.

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